Letter to friend describing village fair

Suppose you are Ridom living at Polash, Narayangonj. Last week you went to visit a village fair where you had a lot of fun. You want to share this with a friend named Hridoy who lives at Biani Bazar, Sylhet. Now,

Write a letter to your friend describing a village fair you have enjoyed recently (Shortened)


Suggested answer:

30 April, 2016

Dear Hridoy,

Today I’m going to share a very interesting thing with you. That is the village fair I visited a few days ago.

This Baishakhi fair is a traditional festival of our village. I, along with my friend Mamun, reached there at 11 a.m. All kinds of people—Children, teenagers, adults and women gathered there. It seemed that I have found my childhood days again. There were numerous shops and stalls displaying various toys, dolls, fancy goods, sweets, cosmetics, different attractive foods and handicrafts most of which were for children. Children coming with their dear ones were in great joy and merriment. They were buying things of their choice, playing flute carrying balloons. There was also a tent for puppet show. We enjoyed puppet show and rode Marry- go-rounds. I also bought many play things for my little brother Aunu. At the late afternoon, we started for home.

The day was really amusing. What about you? Let me know, please.

Have a nice time.

Lovingly yours

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