Letter to friend describing train journey

Write a letter to your friend describing the experience of a train journey


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24/ka, East Dolairpar
20 May, 2014

My dear Sabuj,

Probably, you are busy with your computer. But I made a train journey to Sylhet with my maternal uncle in this vacation. Listen how interesting it was.
Actually, it was my first long journey by train. We started our journey from Kamalapur Railway Station. After buying tickets, we got into a mail train. At 8.30 a.m. our train blew whistle and left the platform. Fortunately my seat was beside the window. The train was passing by and passengers settled in their seats. Many passengers were huddling all over the compartment. Some were even hanging at the entrance. When the train was at a full speed, all the villages, trees and houses seemed to me like pictures on TV screen. Hawkers and beggars were hawking all the way. We bought banana, bread and chanachur from a hawker. When the train was crossing bridges over the rivers, there was an amusing sound. Again, as the train stopped at a station, the picture was quite different. Passengers were getting into and getting down. Everywhere was din and bustle of passengers, people, hawkers and porters. I enjoyed an excellent beauty of tea garden of Sylhet from the train window. At about 5 p.m. we reached Sylhet station.
However, it was really an enjoyable journey. I will never forget my first train journey.
With compliments to you.

Yours ever

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