Letter to friend describing the importance of learning English

Write a letter to your friend describing the importance / necessity of learning English


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25, Urdu Road
24 July,2014

Dear Ranjan,

I came to know from your last letter that you have stood second in order of merit in your class. At the same time you told that you had narrowly passed in English and you were always afraid of this subject.

First of all, I congratulate you on your brilliant success. But it is very regrettable that a brighter student like you is weak in English. Probably you have aversion to English which is why you don’t feel interested in it. And this is because you are not aware of the importance of English. Remember, Ranjan; English is the most widely spoken language in the world. If you knew that it is foolish to expect a high standard of life without the practical knowledge of English you could have no negligence in English. As far as I know you dream of getting study in the field of Law. How can you think you will be a renowned lawyer without having command over this language? Actually no higher education is possible unless you have strong foundation in English. Again, who doesn’t know an English knowing person is more likely to be appointed to any job post. Moreover, to communicate with the people of other countries of the world or to ensure your free movement in the unlimited world of computer or internet, there is no alternative to making friendship with English.

So, don’t hesitate; think anew, set up your new goal of English and start learning with new hope and determination. I hope, if you are sincere, my words above are enough for you to get motivated in this case to overcome fear of English.

With hope of your greater success.

Lovingly yours

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