Letter to friend describing summer vacation at village home

Write a letter to your friend describing the summer vacation you spent some days ago at your village home (shortened)


Suggested answer:

41, Kalir Bazar Road,
13 May, 2015

My dear Rafid,

I don’t know why you didn’t come to join with me to enjoy the summer vacation. However, I passed jolly hours at our village home during those days. Let’s share this.

I along with another friend Tipu reached our village when there was five days at hand. We spent much of our time alongside the bank of the river Tista in a picture-like charming environment. There we rode and rowed boats, made up friendship with fishermen catching fish, farmers and cowboys working in the vast fields. Chirping of birds, widely spread rows of trees and green corn fields brought us the taste of freedom from the encaged life of town. It was the pick season of different summer fruits like mango, litchi, jack-fruit, pineapple, Black-berry etc. We ate them plucking from the trees by our own hand. Doing everything in touch of nature is so affectionate that it can’t be described in word.

However, I missed you in all our enjoyment. I don’t know what about you. Did you miss me spending your vacation?

Lovingly yours

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