Letter to friend describing street accident

Write a letter to your friend describing a street accident you have recently witnessed recently (shortened)


Suggested answer:

25, B.B Road,
14 September, 2015

Dear Hridoy,

Today I’m writing to you with a shocked heart. Yesterday, a terrible street accident happened just before my eyes. Listen how pathetic it was.

I was going along Dhaka-Narayangonj road by a rickshaw. Suddenly I noticed that a motor cycle rider, a young man with his companion, passed by overtaking us. In front of us was a bus. The man ran a while behind the bus but instantly was attempting to overtake it. He found no time to notice that a speedy truck was coming from opposite direction. No sooner had he started overtaking than the truck hit the motor cycle. Instantly, the two riders skidded on the road. To our horror, we saw that they were seriously injured and the road flooded with their blood. The people around rushed to the spot. They found that they were spot dead and; so, were not in a condition to take to the hospital. In a few minutes, police van arrived and they carried them away to the police station.

I came back home. That tragic scene affected me so terribly that I could not eat anything two days. Probably the horrible memory will be chasing me for a long time.

No more today. Please pray for me so that I can overcome my mental problem soon.

Lovingly yours

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