Letter to friend describing recent fair of your village

Suppose you are Rafid living at B.B Road, Narayangonj. Some days ago, you went to visit a village fair where you had a lot of enjoyment. You want to share this with a friend named Arman who lives at Halishahar, Chittagong. Now,

Write a letter to your friend describing the recent fair of your village


Suggested answer:

Haque Plaza
B.B Road
24 April, 2015

Dear Arman,

Today is holiday. I’m free today. So, I’ve intended to write you on an interesting subject. And that is the village fair I enjoyed last week at our village home. Let’s share.

Every year a fair is held in our village market on the occasion of Bangla New Year. This year I went there along with my little sister Bina. I wonder the village fair is the same as it was during my childhood. All kinds of people—Children, teenagers, adults and women gathered there. But it appeared that the fair is only for the cheerful children who were blowing flute and playing on different toys wearing colorful masks. There were various stalls and shops of toys, dolls, fancy goods, sweets, cosmetics, different attractive foods and handicrafts. Bina showed me this and that to buy as if she liked everything. However, we bought a doll, a number of toys, ribbon, a binocular and sugar-made horse, elephant, bird, fish and what not. At one corner were pandal for puppet show. We enjoyed puppet show which moved Bina with great joy. We also rode Marry- go-rounds and enjoyed the country game ‘lathi khela’ there. Despite huge merriment; what hurt me in the fair was gambling spread over here and there.

However I really spent a jolly day that day. The village fair is an important part of our culture and tradition, indeed.

No more today. Hope you’ll also share such an interesting event with me.

Good luck.

Lovingly yours

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