Letter to friend describing picnic you have enjoyed

Write a letter to your friend describing a picnic you have enjoyed recently. (Spot-Foy’s Lake)


Suggested answer:

24/KA, North-west Jatrabari,
Demra, Dhaka.
17 January, 2014

My dear Sourav,

First I’m sorry that I didn’t inform you about our picnic to Foy’s Lake at Chittagong. Just upon immediate decision, I, with some of my college mates, went to enjoy a picnic yesterday. Here is a short description of it.

We were 10 in number. By a microbus, we started our journey early in the morning and reached the spot before 11 a.m. After taking tea, we bought our tickets for the entrance and the rides and entered the park at 11:30 a.m. Foy’s Lake, in my opinion, is the most suitable picnic spot in Chittagong. This is because it is the combination of natural beauty and artificial amusement. Natural cool lake-water surrounded by the green hills soothed our eyes. First we hired a speed boat and floated about on lake water for half an hour. There was only fun and fun spreading all around. One by one, we enjoyed most of the rides in theme park.

We didn’t have cooking arrangement but took cooked food from home with us. We ate those sitting on top of a hill which was really fantastic. After lunch, we enjoyed a concert with a floating stage. Last of all we took soft drink in a hotel hanging on lake water. At 5 p.m. we started our return journey and reached home at about 12 p.m.

There are so many amusing things in Foy’s Lake that one day is not enough to enjoy everything. If you were with us, our picnic would be more enjoyable. That’s all. More when we meet.

Your loving friend

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