Letter to friend describing picnic / study tour

Write a letter to your friend describing a picnic/study tour you enjoyed some days ago. (Spot-Mainamati)


Suggested answer:

H#13, Road#6,
Block#A, Section#10
Mirpur, Dhaka.
20 December, 2015

My dear Abir,

You know I went on a picnic to Buddhist Vihara at Mainamati, Comilla yesterday. This is to tell you about the funny things. Truly speaking, I cannot but share my jolly events with a friend like you.

We started from our college gate at 8 p.m. by a minibus. Our history teacher Aunup Kumar was with us. Sir was friendly with us. So, singing, dancing, acting and cutting jokes went on all the way. At about 11 o’clock, we reached the spot. After taking tea, we started sight-seeing. Mainamati is a place of great historical importance which is especially famous for the relics of ancient Buddhist civilization. First we entered the vast ground where was the Mahavihara. Our teacher very carefully made us understand everything. After that, we toured Lalmai hill and surrounding area. Every now and then we took snaps.

We took necessaries with us for cooking. At 2 p.m, we got quite hungry but the cook informed that cooking would take time. But our belly refused to listen to the cook. We started eating that half-cooked biriani. It was a wonderful scene. All were eating by own hand as much as they wish. After lunch, we entered the adjacent museum where we learnt many things seeing with our own eyes. Before evening, we started back for home

Actually it was really a rare experience never to forget. Anyway, I expect you are also enjoying with us by imagination. Waiting for your comment.

Lovingly yours

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