Letter to friend describing last summer vacation

Write a letter to your friend describing the last summer vacation that you spent a few days ago


Suggested answer:

221/1, B.B Road,
Chashara (Balur Math),
09 May, 2015

My dear Wasik,

Our summer vacation has come to an end. How did you spend these days? Today I’m going to share with you the funny vacation days that I spent at my grandfather’s house.

My maternal uncles’ house is at the hilly region of Narsingdi. This place is widely famous for different fruits, especially, for jack-fruit, mango and banana. As it is the summer season, there is abundance of ripe fruits on trees. My grandfather (Mother’s father) has also orchards of different fruits. So, I enjoyed the days with great joy and affectionate care of my grandfather, grandmother and uncles. Every day I, with my cousins, climbed up trees full of beautiful ripe fruits, plucked and ate them with heart’s content. I also enjoyed the varied and colorful lifestyle of hilly people and got wondered. Farming on the slope of hills, making clothes by the weavers, simple and easy way of their life really impressed me and made me learn many things.

I think this was the best use of my vacation time. What about you? Please let me know by return mail.

Your loving friend

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