Letter to friend describing last summer vacation you spent

Write a letter to your friend describing the last summer vacation you spent some days ago


Suggested answer:

10, Isha Khan Road,
Khanpur, Narayangonj.
08 May, 2015

My dear Nayan,

Summer vacation has already ended. How did your vacation go? You’ll be surprised to learn that I went to Chapai Nawabganj with my friend Sanjoy on his invitation to their home to spend this vacation. Let’s share this.

This is a new visit to a new place; so a new experience. You know Chapai Nawabganj is known as the mango capital of our country. Mango, jack-fruit, lichis etc also grow there abundantly. It is the summer season and gardens abound with fruits. So, we enjoyed our days with great enjoyment wandering about garden to garden and tasting different delicious fresh fruits as we like. It is the pick season of mango. So, everywhere was scene of plucking mangoes, sorting and buying and selling them as if it were a festival. I was surprised that so little trees here and there have born fruits. I think it was a rare scope to refresh ourselves being in touch of nature and enjoy different pollution-free rural foods and formalin-free fruits.

By the by, where did you spend summer vacation? How? I’ll be pleased if you reply soon. With love.

Lovingly yours

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