Letter to friend describing first journey by plane

Suppose you are Rabbi living at Joydevpur, Gazipur. Recently you went to visit Cox’s Bazar sea beach with your uncle by plane. It was your first journey by plane. You want to share the experience and feeling of this journey with your friend Nayeem who lives at Comilla. Now,

Write a letter to your friend describing your first journey by plane


Suggested answer:

Chondona Chowrasta
12 January, 2015

My dear Nayeem,

I am very glad to inform you that last week, I went to visit Cox’s Bazar with my uncle by plane. I cannot but describe my first plane journey to you.
We reached Shahjalal International Airport one hour before flight timing. After completing formalities, we took our seat in the aircraft in row 10. The environment inside was quite unknown that made me feel nervous. The noise of the machine took me to a new world. Once, the captain announced that he would be soon starting. Then slowly the plane began to race down the runway and, after a while, with a jerk, it started to rise higher and higher. Probably I turned pale in fear at that moment. However, my uncle’s encouraging words helped me regain my courage. Now our plane is rushing through the air fast and I looked down from my window and saw buildings, people and trees looking like miniatures. The roads and rivers looked like snakes. I saw soft white clouds floating by all around us. I was so excited that I felt like touching the clouds. Inside, there were air hostesses to look after the passengers. After 40 minutes journey, our plane started to land on Cox’s Bazar airport. Everything below was growing bigger and bigger. At last the plane touched at land and our journey came to an end.
It was really an interesting, thrilling and exciting journey. I’ll never forget my first plane journey.
That’s all for today. More when we meet.

Yours ever

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