Letter to friend describing experience of train journey

Write a letter to your friend describing the experience of a journey by train


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205, East Hajipara,
12 June, 2015

My dear Sajib,

Today I’m going to share with you an interesting train journey that I made with my friend Rafat to his sister’s house at Chittagong.

As it was Eid vacation, Rafat offferd me to accompany him. I agreed with pleasure. We started our journey from Tongi station. We collected tickets from the station counter standing in a long queue. When our train arrived, crowding and chaos made the station alive. We somehow managed our seats in a second class compartment. After the guard waved green flag, our train blew whistle and left the platform. It was getting speedier with rhythmic sound leaving villages, fields, stations, bazaars, rivers, canals and trees behind. Pictures were changing every moment before the eyes. It was so fantastic, so amusing. Inside, passengers were huddling all over the compartment. They started reading newspaper or gossiping. Hawkers were selling things. Every now and then we bought this and that from them. The train stopping at a station, the scene was quite different. Everywhere was hue and cry of passengers, people, hawkers and porters. I got quite thrilled when we crossed the Bhairab Bridge, the second largest railway bridge in the country. At around evening, we reached Chittagong station.

However, it was really a memorable journey. It will keep my mind refreshed for a long time.

Lovingly yours

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