Letter to friend describing bad effect of smoking

Write a letter to your friend describing about the bad effect of smoking


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215, Rajakhali Road,
03 January, 2015

My dear Tapan,

I have heard that you have made a brilliant result in your final examination. Really we are proud of you. But Tapan, only doing good is not enough, you have to save yourself from evil as well to attain the ultimate success in life. So, Today I’m going to write a few words to warn you against the bad effect of smoking.

Tapan; never get addicted to smoking. You may build up this habit unwillingly falling prey to bad company. But remember; smoking causes serious health hazard though brings no benefits. It causes heart disease, lung cancer, blood cancer, bronchitis, diabetes, high cholesterol, coughing and many other diseases. It is also responsible for poor vision and stained teeth. If you continue smoking, you will be led to death fast as smoking lessens man’s longevity. Smoking not only destroy your health but also causes you waste money and time. A smoker usually becomes disloyal. They don’t hesitate to smoke before the superiors and in crowded places causing harm to non-smokers.

So, Tapan, I advise you never to indulge such an evil practice in your life. Remember; you have to sacrifice many things of little happiness for the greater success of life.

Lovingly yours

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