Letter to friend describing aim in life

Write a letter to your friend about your aim in life (Doctor as a profession) [shortened]


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S.N Banerjee Road
West Bengal
29 December, 2014

My dear Biplob,

This letter is to share with you a very important aspect of my life and that is what I intend to be in future.

Frankly speaking my one and only aim is to become a doctor. There are fair reasons behind my choice. Once I thought I would spend my life serving the poor, the helpless and the distressed. But reality is very harsh. Gradually I realized that that was a good and noble thinking but not based on fact. What about my livelihood? Who will run my household? This type of question never arose in my mind. With the passage of time I feel that I should choose a profession which will be helpful to serve the people and at the same time to earn enough to lead a prestigious life. I think being a doctor can fulfill the criteria. So I have decided to become a doctor. I am aware that studying medicine is a highly competitive field of higher education throughout the world and requires high expenses. Yet I am determined and confident in my success. Moreover, my status of merit or financial condition is not unfavorable.

Briefly, this is my future plan of life. I’ll be happy if you also share your thinking of the same kind. With best wishes.

Lovingly yours

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