Letter to friend describing a picnic

Write a letter to your friend describing a picnic. (Spot-Sonargaon)


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Homework as letter about a picnic
Picnic spot

Hariharpara, Enayetnaga
Fatulla, Narayangonj
20 February,2014
My dear Russel,

It is a matter of sorrow that you did not join the picnic at Sonargaon with us. So, I cannot but write to you about it.

On the appointed day, our bus reached there at 8:30 a.m. First, we had finished our breakfast sitting by the famous model ‘Bidrohi’ by our great artist Joynul Abedin. Then, we went out sight-seeing. The beauty of Sonsrgaon is too wonderful and charming to describe. Actually, it can be called a huge park. There are rows of trees, mango garden, and natural ponds here. Many flower plants with flowers are seen here and there. The old buildings bear the testimony of our ancient history when Sonargaon was the capital of Bangla. At around 1.30 p.m. our cook informed that lunch was ready. We all ate up our lunch taking with our own hands which was really amusing.

After lunch, we sat under a big mango tree where someone started to sing, somebody danced and some others cut jokes. Really it was highly enjoyable. I missed you all the time. At last, we visited Sonargaon folk museum and ‘Jamdani Polli’. By this time somebody had their shopping from different stalls there. At late afternoon, we got into the bus for our return journey.

Actually it was so joyful as well as educative tour not to forget ever. 

No more today. With good wishes.

Yours ever

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