Letter to friend congratulating on brilliant success in J.S.C exam

Write a letter to your friend congratulating on his/her brilliant success in the J.S.C examination


Suggested answer:

House# 15, Road# 5
Sector# 7
Uttara, Dhaka-1230
Date: 30 December, 2014

My dear Ema,

I have just heard that you have got the junior scholarship in talent pool in the J.S.C examination of this year in which your general result was golden G.P.A- 5. It is really a matter of great joy and pride for us. By attaining scholarship you have achieved a great glory for your school, your family and relatives as well as for us. Congratulation, on your brilliant success. I am really proud having a friend like you. My parents are also very pleased hearing of your result.

In this connection, we expect you would also bring about honor and glory for the country as well by continuous success in your future examinations.

No more today. With respect to your parents and teachers who contributed to your ultimate success.

Lovingly yours

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