Letter to friend condoling him of father’s premature death

Write a letter to your friend consoling him of his father’s premature death


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20, Kazi Alauddin Road
30 May, 2013

Dear Sagar,

Last night, I came to know that your father is no more on earth. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun. Very shocking! Very heart-rendering! He has left us at this early age.

Sagar, there is no condolence of losing one’s parent. I also lost my father about four years ago. Only the sufferers will feel the bereavement of losing father. It was only a few days ago, I went to your house. He prayed that God might raise me to a high position in life. Today he is not amongst us. I cannot check my tears remembering this. However, everyone must go sooner or later. He has gone earlier—this is the settlement of Allah. Man must submit to destiny. Man is to surrender to Him with all the fortune created by own. However, you are the eldest son of your parents. You have to forget shocking and take the responsibility of the family. This is the way of the world; this is the destiny stored for you.

So, Sagar, shed tears no more; Say Alhamdulillah-all praises be to God.

My family is also shocked at your father’s death. My parents prayed to God for the salvation of his soul.

May his departed soul rest in peace.

Your loving friend

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