Letter to friend after celebrating Pahela Baishakh

Suppose you are Kollol, a high school student. Last week you observed the Pahela Baishakh of this year in your school campus. You want to share this with one of your friends named Uzzal living at Khulna. Now,

Write a letter to your friend about how you celebrated Pahela Baishakh this year in your school (shortened)


Suggested answer:

54/Ka, R.K Mission Road
18 April, 2016

Dear Uzzal,

As I’m free today, I’m going share with you of the sweet events of the Pahela Baishakh that we celebrated in our school last week.

Since four days ago, we began to make arrangement. A Baishakhi Fair was held in the school campus. Early in the morning, we arranged a cultural function in the auditorium where we first welcomed the Bengali New Year by singing the famous Tagore song “Eso he Baishakh eso eso….” I also sang a folk-song in the function. I wore our traditional dress pajama and punjabi. Our scout team arranged a meal of our traditional food ‘panta bhat’ with green chili and Hilsha fry. It was a fantastic delicious food I have ever enjoyed. Then I passed a long time in the fair of our school. I also went to visit the Baishakhi fair organized by Shilpakala Academy and wandered about there till evening.

I passed a jolly day that day and enjoyed it very much. This day will remain fresh in my mind for a long time.

Lovingly yours

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