Letter to friend after celebrating International Women’s Day

Suppose you are Sadia, a high school student and you live in Dhaka. Last week you observed the International Women’s Day of this year in your school campus. You want to share this with one of your friends named Raisa living at Chittagong. Now,

Write a letter to your friend about how you celebrated International Women’s Day of this year in your school. (shortened)


Suggested answer:

14/2, Abdul Hadi Lane,
Kotwali, Dhaka
11 March, 2016

Dear Raisa,

This is holiday. I am free today. So, let me share with you of the interesting events of the International Women’s Day that we celebrated in our school three days ago.

We were taking preparation for the day since 5th instant. We prepared hand-written posters and pasted them in and out of the campus. We also got digital banner prepared and built a stage inside our school. Our first program discussion meeting began at 10 a.m. of the day. The local MP, women leaders of different political parties and the respectable persons of the society also attended the meeting. They delivered speeches highlighting the importance of the day. After meeting ended, we brought out a colorful rally focusing the day. The rally started from our school and ended at National Press Club. Thus the programs of the day came to an end.

I passed the day very happily. It is the first time ever I actively took part in any Women’s day celebration. Passing through the day, I learn that women are no less important than the men.

Waiting for your reply.

Lovingly yours

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