Letter to friend advising to read newspaper

Write a letter to your friend advising him to read newspaper regularly


Suggested answer:

Shanti Kunjo,
House-39, Road-9/A
25 March, 2015

My dear Tahsin,

Today I’m going to write a very important thing to you. That is the importance of reading newspaper. A few days ago, you spent two days with me at our house. Then I could understand that you have aversion to reading newspaper. This is very frustrating.

Listen Tahsin, newspaper is the storehouse of knowledge. You can look the whole world through newspaper. So it is called the mirror of the world. I’ve noticed that you are weak in general knowledge. This is because you are not in the habit of reading newspaper. If you read newspaper, you can know the news and views of current affairs of home and abroad. Moreover you can get news of sports, political and economic affairs, stories, cartoon, jokes, poems, puzzles, and many other sources of recreation by reading it. Also, if you want to do better in any interview, there is no alternative to reading newspaper.

So now, think over; how essential is it to form the habit of reading newspaper. Reasonably I advise you to read newspaper routinely for the very necessity of life.
That’s all for today. Hope your prosperous life.

Lovingly yours

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