Letter to friend advising to give up smoking

Write a letter to your friend advising him to give up smoking


Suggested answer:

Chowdhury Villa,
Middle Ashrafpur,
Comilla Sador South,
18, May, 2015

My dear Neaz,

Hope your school is closed now. My today’s letter is to warn you against a very bad habit. I have learned from your friends that you are a smoker now. It is very objectionable, Neaz. As your well-wisher, I cannot but write to you about this evil habit.

I assume you have started smoking out of curiosity. But aren’t you being led to ruin day by day. It is written just on the cigarette packet that smoking causes heart attack, cancer, bronchitis, damages lung and creates many health hazards. Then, how can you indulge such an evil practice? Smoking can no how benefit you, rather, will take your your health, money and time spoiling your character. So, will it be wise to retain this dangerous habit?

So, Neaz, from now on; never smoke again. To give up smoking, your will power is enough. A perfect decision of a moment can save your future from ruin as well as can raise it to top of prosperity.

Hoping your prosperous life.

Lovingly yours
Akram Hossain

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