Letter to friend about S.S.C preparation

Write a letter to your friend about your preparation for the upcoming S.S.C examination/ progress of studies


Suggested answer:

Chhaya Beethi
Hemendra Shahar Moor
Sadar Road
25 June, 2013
My dear Sajib,
I received your letter yesterday. I have come to know that you are very worried about your preparation in English for the upcoming S.S.C examination. You also wanted to know about my preparation.
Our examination is very near at hand. But I am also very anxious about my preparation in English and General Science. Even I could not obtain pass marks in the last one in the Test Exam. Please Sajib, send me a short suggestion in this subject if you have any. I am already taking model tests in English and Math once a week with a coaching centre. I can send you the question papers if you ask for. I think, if you take tests yourself, it will work best.
However, my preparation for the rest of the subjects is O.k. Now I am only revising them. Please inform me of the entire condition of your preparation.
No more today. With good wishes.

Your loving friend

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