Letter to friend about preparation for upcoming S.S.C exam

Write a letter to your friend about your preparation for the upcoming S.S.C examination


Suggested answer:

Niloy Villa
25, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue,
12 November, 2015

Dear Shakib,

Our S.S.C examination is upcoming. Probably you are busy with your study. But I am still confused with some of my subjects. So, I am going to share with you about my total preparation.
Shakib, my Math is OK but I have not yet captured Higher Math. Especially, some chapters of Trigonometry seems very difficult. I am tension-free about English. The only subject that is a headache for me is Social Science. Remembering ‘years’ of different events is really a factor. I’m still struggling with Bengali so that I have not to lose A+ in this subject. For the rest of the subjects, I’m well-prepared. Now model test is going on in the school. Ultimately, care and anxiety is not leaving me.
What about you? I always believe your days always go better. However, let me know yours. In this context, I hope a good suggestion from you about how to continue my preparation for the rest short time.

Your loving friend

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