Letter to friend about preparation for H.S.C exam

Write a latter to your friend about your preparation for the upcoming H.S.C examination


Suggested answer:

Hazi Villa
17/A, Tipu Sultan Road,
05 February, 2016

Dear Rohel,

Your last letter shows that you are free from tension although our H.S.C. examination is knocking at the door. This means that your preparation for the examination is OK.

But, my friend, give me some suggestions and advice. I’m still struggling to complete my courses. Bengali grammar seems so tough which is why I cannot secure a decent grade in this subject. I ain’t anxious of my group subjects but Logic is very difficult to recollect unless I revise it repeatedly. I don’t expect higher grade in English. So, preparation in English is not so bad. I expect careful revision of the rest of the subjects may result in good grades.

However, I always seek your guidance about my studies. So, please pray for me and write a few words soon in my help.

With love.

Lovingly yours

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