Letter to friend about preparation for the examination

Write a latter to your friend about your preparation for the examination /J.S.C examination /S.S.C examination. (Shortened)


Suggested answer:

Shanti Kunjo
24/A, South Jatrabari,
24 September, 2015

Dear Javed,

From your last letter, I came to know about your good preparation for our upcoming J.S.C/S.S.C examination. But my preparation is not up to the mark. Let us share it.

I have already completed my syllabus of every subject accept English, Math and Science. Though English is a difficult subject for me, I studied it hard last three months. So, for the time being, I’m not anxious about it. You know I am weak in Math. But matter of hope is that my elder brother is helping me in Math nowadays. If I can practice in this way, I can hope to overcome problems of Math. Science is also a great factor for me. Symbol, formula and equation seem very difficult. How do you capture Science, Javed. I seek your suggestion and advice in this case.

Wish you good luck. Waiting for your reply.

Lovingly yours

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