Letter to friend about plan after S.S.C. examination

Write a letter to your friend about what you intend to do after the S.S.C. examination (shortened)


Suggested answer:

105, R.K Mission Road,
20 March, 2015

Dear Nabila,

I’ve heard you are going on a long tour to your village to spend the long vacation after the S.S.C examination. Really you’re going to make a lot of fun and gain experience of village life. However, I’m going to do a spoken English course within these days.

A three-month course on spoken English is going on at Elephant Road organized by F Mukul, a renowned English trainer of BTV. This is specially designed for the S.S.C students who have recently finished their exams. Who does not know the importance of learning English specially spoken English in this age? So, I’ve made up my mind to accomplish the course to ensure better use of my time. I think it will also be helpful to my future education.

Wish you pass jolly days. Hopping your better life.

Yours ever

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