Letter to friend about importance of reading newspaper

Write a letter to your friend describing the importance of reading newspaper


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Swapna Neer,
House-60, Road-11,


08 December, 2015

My dear Fazal,

I’ve learnt from Sajal that you are indifferent to reading newspaper. The news is very disappointing. I’m free today. So, I’ve decided to write a few words to you about the importance of reading newspaper.

In this age of technological advancement, it is very essential to know what is happening around the world. And newspaper is the best printing media to keep up-to-date with the information of latest affairs of home and abroad. You keep your eyes on newspaper as it were you kept your eyes on the whole world. Reasonably, it is called the mirror of the world. This is because you will get all the news of local and international affairs of politics, business, history, economy, games and sports, religions, technology and recreation in one place in newspaper. Hence reading newspaper will gradually widen your knowledge and develop your power of thinking. So, to keep pace with the modern world and to ensure a smart and conscious life, you have to read newspaper.

So, start reading newspaper routinely from now on. You’ll surprisingly see it will be a habit with you.

That’s all for today. More when we meet.

Yours ever

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