Letter to friend about how to improve in English

Write a letter to your friend describing him about how to improve in English


Suggested answer:

28/A, Bangshal Road
20 June, 2015

My dear Russel,

I have learnt from your letter that you have failed in English in your last examination. But at the same time, you have asked me to advise you about how to improve your skill in English. I am really glad at your interest in this language.

Listen, Russel; learning English may be difficult for the people other than the Natives but it is not impossible to overcome this problem. For this; simply, you have to learn some words everyday. Then, you should read English newspaper daily and note the difficult words, terms, and phrases with meaning in a note book. You will also have to listen to the Tv. news in English regularly. Next, you are to know the necessary rules and structures of English grammar that are frequently used in writing and speaking. Finally, you will apply your earned knowledge and techniques in all your listening, reading, writing and speaking. Thus, you will be able to improve your skill in English day by day.

So, start practicing from this very day.

With good wishes.

Your loving friend

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