Letter to friend about frequent load-shedding

Suppose you are Rashed living at Homna, Comilla. Nowadays electricity failure is a common affair in your locality. Due to load-shedding, regular flow of life is being hampered greatly. You want to share this bitter experience with one of your friends named Ratul who lives at Anwara, Chittagong. Now,

Write a letter to your friend about the frequent load-shedding in your locality


Suggested answer:

Mathabhanga, Homna
20 May, 2016

Dear Ratul,

How are your days going? I am not OK, brother. And this is for frequent load-shedding in our area. I am writing to share this with you in candle light.


Recently our area is seriously affected by electricity failure. 12 to 15 hours of a day goes without electricity. Coming and going of power has made the life of common people shattered. You know my exam is upcoming. But I cannot concentrate on my studies. So I am always anxious of what to do with my remaining courses. No light, no fan has turned the night a weird one. Due to electricity shortage, we have also water crisis. Preservation in the refrigerator is under the threat of getting rotten. After all, we are leading a painful life.


All the power based machines remain stopped hour after hour. Production is greatly hampered in the mills and factories around. Nobody knows whether the situation would improve or not. It appears that nobody has any headache to solve this problem.


However, what about your locality and how is your study going? Let me know soon.

Lovingly yours

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