Letter to friend about experience of a flood-affected area

Suppose you are Shahjahan living at Manikgonj. Being informed from the newspaper, you went to visit a flood-affected area at Ratankandi in the district of Sirajgonj. You want to share your experience with one of your friends named Sajal living at Jessore. Now,

Write a letter to your friend describing the experience after visiting the flood-affected area


Suggested answer:

Vill: Mohammadpur, P.O: Kanchanpur
Upazila: Harirampur
Dist: Manikgonj
29 July, 2015

Dear Sajal,

yesterday I went to visit a flood-affected area in Sirajgonj. Today I’m going to share this with you. As far as I know your area is never affected by flood. So, it may be a great experience for you.

Flood also visits our area some year. But I never saw such a devastating one in my life. I reached the spot at noon and started to visit with a volunteer team in a boat. About 90% of the houses of that union have gone flooded. Most of the people have taken shelter on the road and embankment. Some people did not leave their homes but are living there on bamboo platform. Some have taken shelter on rooftop of the house. This is a pathetic scene. Victims are leading subhuman life crowding together with their children and animals.

Lack of food, shelter, drinking water and medicine has made a miserable condition everywhere. Whenever they saw any boat, they were calling at the top of their voice for food. I saw a few voluntary organizations operating relief works. They were distributing dry food, clothes, drinking water, orsaline and money to the victims. A rescue boat was carrying the critical patients to the hospital. Movement of a medical team was also noteworthy. I also took part in relief activity.

At about 5 p.m. a helicopter with a lot of relief goods landed on the roof of a local primary school. Seeing helicopter, hundreds of people gathered there in hope of a handful of food.

Though relief activity was on, it was insufficient. This is a rare experience in my life. I was tortured by the sorrows of the distressed but I also felt heavenly bliss having scope of serving them.

Lovingly yours

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