Letter to friend about co-curricular activities of school

Write a letter to your friend about the co-curricular activities of your school. (shortened)


Suggested answer:

Rowshan House
13/A, Distillery Road,
02 January, 2016

My dear Rafad,

From your letter I got a nice description of the extra-curricular activities of your school.
Our school also has a tradition of such activities. Let’s share this.

We have a renowned debating club in our school. I am also an active member of the club. Last year we won gold medal in the Inter District Debating Championship. We are lucky that our school has a big playground outside the school campus. So we have a long tradition of playing and winning the game of football and cricket both at school and district level. Boys have two game periods each week. However I like cricket and I’m passionate with this game. Every year, our school arranges annual sports competition. Then we have a great fun. Besides, our school never misses going to annual study tour in different historical places in participation with the interested students. I eagerly wait for this occasion. Our school also has a reputation in scouting. But I do not do scouting. Every year, we observe the important national days in our school with a befitting manner.

In brief, these are the extra-curricular activities organized by our school. These activities certainly help to make our study more enjoyable.

That’s all. Have a nice time.

Lovingly yours

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