Letter to friend about co-curricular activities of school

Write a letter to your friend describing the co-curricular activities of your school


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Khan Villa
Amla Para
25 December, 2014

My dear Pryanka,

I’m happy to receive a nice picture of your school with your letter. In the letter, you requested me to tell you about the co-curricular activities of our school. I gladly accept your request.
Pryanka, ours is a renowned school, especially, for its extra-curricular activities. We have enough scope to take part in these activities. We have a debating club and I am an active member of the club. Last year, our school became champion by defeating Bornomala High School in the Inter School Debate Competition which was telecast live by the TV channel Bangla Vision. We also have an English Language Club to practice English. There are a skilled football team, a cricket team and a hockey team in our school. Boys have two game periods each week. Besides annual sports arrangement, our school takes part in different inter district sports competitions and have won about fifty prizes so far since 2004. However, our students have a long tradition and reputation in scouting. Every year our school arranges study tour in participation with the interested students. An annual magazine named ‘Notun Surja’ is published regularly from our school. We also publish a wall magazine named ‘Rupashi Bangla’ on the occasion of the 21st February.

In brief, here are the extra-curricular activities organized by our school. By the by, I also want to know about yours.

Looking forward to your reply. With best compliments to you.

Lovingly yours

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