Letter to friend about celebration of Pahela Baishakh

Suppose you are Badal. You studies in a college living at Hazipara, Dhaka. A few days ago, you celebrated the Pahela Baishakh of this year in your college. You want to share this with one of your friends named Pavel living at Comilla. Now,

Write a letter to your friend about the celebration of Pahela Baishakh in your college


Suggested answer:

2/3, West Hazipara
19 April, 2016

Dear Pavel,

This letter is to inform you of the Pahela Baishakh that we celebrated in our college. The whole day was full of joy and enjoyment. Let’s share this.

We built a huge stage in the campus. We invited a number of radio and TV artists for our programs. Early in the morning, our program began with the famous Tagore song “Eso he Baishakh eso eso….” welcoming the Bengali New Year. The program continued till mid-day through the presentation of patriotic song, folk song, recitation of poem, dance, one-act drama and jokes one after another. These created a lot of excitement among the spectators. We all wore our traditional dress pajama and punjabi. A political group of our college opened a ‘Panta-Ilish’ hotel where we had scope to eat our traditional food ‘panta bhat’ with green chili and Hilsha fry. It was an excellent delicious food I have ever enjoyed. A Baishakhi Fair was also arranged in our college premises in participation of our students. I passed the whole afternoon wandering about stall to stall.

It was really a day of entertainment and freshness as if we had refreshed ourselves by shaking off the evil, old, failure and frustration of the old year.

What about you, Pavel? Hope you will also inform me of such kind of program you participated in. Looking forward to your reply.

Lovingly yours

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