Letter to friend about celebration of International Women’s Day

Suppose you are Nahid, a college student and you live in Dhaka. Last week you observed the International Women’s Day of this year in your college campus. You want to share this Nwith one of your friends named Zahid living at Chittagong. Now,

Write a letter to your friend about the celebration of the International Women’s Day of this year in your college


Suggested answer:

301/2, Moghbazar
Ramna, Dhaka-1217
12 March, 2016

Dear Zahid,

This letter is to inform you of the International Women’s Day that we celebrated in our college. The day was really enjoyable as well as instructive. Let’s share this.

This year we celebrated the International Women’s Day in our college in a befitting manner. Among the programs were Women’s Day rally, discussion meeting and documentary film show on the greatest women in the world. We created a festive look of our college pasting lots of posters and hanging digital banners and festoons with different slogans of the day in and out of the campus. Our first program discussion meeting began at 8:30 a.m. We invited a number of women leaders of different political parties contributing to women’s movement. In their speech, they brought out the glorious history of women’s movement and advancement of today’s women. At the last session of the meeting, a documentary film was shown on life and work of Mother Teresa and Begum Rokeya. The rally started at 12 a.m. from our school and ended at National Press Club. Thus the programs of the day came to an end.

I passed the day very happily. I learned many things from the day some of which I was quite ignorant of.

Waiting for your reply.

Lovingly yours

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