Letter to friend about celebration of International Mother Language Day

Suppose you are Galib, a college student. Some days ago, you celebrated the International Mother Language Day of this year in your college campus. You want to share this with one of your friends named Rajib. Now,

Write a letter to your friend about the celebration of the International Mother Language Day in your college


Suggested answer:

78/2, New Circular Road
26 February, 2015

Dear Rajib,

Today is Friday. I am care-free and free from all kinds of pressure of works. So, I intend to write to you about the International Mother Language Day that we observed in our college last week.

Before this occasion, we pasted many posters in and out of our school building writing different slogans relating to our Language Movement. We also painted the Shaheed Minar newly. A number of banners were also hung in different locations. At 12:01 a.m. of 21st February, we placed wreath of flowers at the foot of Shaheed Minar under the leadership of our principal in honor of our language martyrs. Many groups from different organizations also came to offer flowers.

At 10 a.m. A discussion meeting was held in our campus. The Secretary of Education was present in the meeting as chief guest. The invited guests delivered pithy speeches focusing the importance of the day. After the meeting ended, a cultural function was also held in participation with two renowned TV artists and students of our college. I also presented a recitation of poem on language movement. Our programs came to an end at about 01 p.m.

I really passed a successful day that day. All the time I felt that this is the day I am celebrating with numerous people all over the world who are also showing due respect to the language martyrs of our country.

What about you, Rajib? Hope you will also inform me of such kind of program you took part in. Looking forward to your reply.

Lovingly yours

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