Letter to friend about a book fair you have visited recently

Suppose you are Labib. You have recently visited a book fair held at Banlgla Academy premises in Dhaka. One of your friends is Nabil who lives at South Central Road, Khulna. You like to share your experience and feeling of your visit. Now,

Write a letter to your friend telling him about a book fair you have visited recently


Suggested answer:

Bashundhara R/A
22 February, 2015

Dear Nabil,

It is a long time since I wrote to you. You also didn’t send any letter, in the meantime, probably because of business with your new computer. However, Last week I went to visit the Ekushey Book Fair of Bangla Academy. I can’t but share this with you.

To friend about a book fair you visited

You know visiting book fair is my passion. I miss it no year. This year, it was more crowded but more disciplined. I reached there in the afternoon and had to stand in a long queue to pass the entrance. Outside the main fair zone, there were stalls of food, drinks, different toys, clay things and different fantastic things for children. Inside the campus, there were hundreds of book stalls and pavilions adorned tastefully. I spent two to three hours wandering about stall to stall and purchased a number of science fiction and story books. I spent much time at children’s book stalls. It seemed that all the joys of the book fair crowded there. Children came with their parents dressing themselves colorfully wearing mask and were looking for ghost book, fairy tale and so on. Under the big banyan tree was a large stage. Programs were on and I spent some time there enjoying recitation and folk song. At a corner was the gossiping site of the newbie writers. Many foreigners also visited the fair.

At about 8 p.m, I left fair for home hopping to come back again next year.
It was really an amusing and educative tour. It would be more enjoyable if you were with me.

Your loving friend

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