Letter to friend about aim in life

Write a letter to your friend about your aim in life (Teacher as a profession)


Suggested answer:

24, East Rampura
Rampura Road
Dhaka, Bangladesh
25 December, 2014

My dear Max,

I received your excellent letter two days ago on what you intend to be in future. Surely your future profession is noble as well as prestigious. But my aim in life is unlike yours. Here is a short description of it.

I never dreamt of turning into a millionaire. You know I am always in the habit of leading life within the limit of knowledge, morality and conscience. Such is my intention for our nation to be. Reasonably I want to spend whole of my life in earning and spreading the light of knowledge. I want to move along and at the same time lead others to the way of truth which, I think, is the source of all prosperity and happiness on earth. In this connection, I think the best practice ground of my future plan is the educational institution. So I have decided to take up teaching as my profession. Clearly speaking, I want to become a university teacher in future. To fulfill my dream, I have already started to walk on the track of my own. At the next stage, after completing H.S.C, I wish to receive my higher education on Social Science from a reputed university which will lift my dream onto a strong foundation.

However, this is my future dream I cherish deep in my heart. But I don’t know whether reality allows or not and; after all, God has granted or not.

Wish your dream to be a success.

Lovingly yours

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