Letter to father regarding preparation for upcoming exam

Write a letter to your father about the preparation for your upcoming Final Examination


Suggested answer:

5/2, Atish Diponkar Sarok,
Norh Basabo,
05 November, 2015

Dear Father,

I’ve received money order in time. From your letter, I have learned that you are anxious about my upcoming final examinations. Don’t worry, father. I assure you that I’ve taken a good preparation for the next examination.

Probably, you are anxious so that I obtained poor marks in English, Math and Science in the last examination. But, father, I’ve overcome most of the problems with those subjects. Our school has arranged special coaching class for English and Math organizing a special batch. You’ll be happy that I’m also included in that batch. Our courses are already completed and a class test for every subject will be held shortly. I’m also practicing Science with one of my friends who is good at Science. All the other subjects are Okay. Now I’m revising them again and again.

So, I’m confident that I’ll make better result in the final examination than any other exams in this year.

I am quite well. Best regards to you and mother and love to Auntu. Please ask mother not to worry for me.

Your loving son

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