Letter to father on preparation for S.S.C Exam

Write a letter to your father about the preparation for your upcoming S.S.C Examination


Suggested answer:

West Raozan,
Fakir Takia,
09 November, 2014

Dear Father,

In your last letter, you anxiously wanted to know how I had prepared for my upcoming S.S.C examination. Father, please be assured that my preparation is better than ever but I feel; as the examination approaches, my tension is rising.

I’m not anxious of English and Math. I’m confident enough to get A+ in these two subjects. But I’m not sure about Science and Bengali grammar. I’ve heard many a student fails to get golden GPA-5 due to missing A+ in these subjects. So, now I’m studying Science with extra time and practicing Bengali grammar with our Bengali teacher Malati Rani Das. I expect I would be able to cover up the deficiency within next two months. All the rest subjects are already completed and I’m now revising them.

So, Father, don’t get anxious about me. I’m trying heart and soul everyday so that I can make a bright result to bring glory for you all.

I’m quite well. Best regards to you and mother. Pray to God for my ultimate success.

Your loving son

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