Letter to father informing about mother’s illness

Write a letter to your father informing him about your mother’s illness (shortened)


Suggested answer:

Block#B, Lane#5,
Road#2, house#5,
Halishahar Housing Estate,
30 July, 2015

My dear Father,

In your letter you have wanted to know about condition of mother’s health. After you went off, her condition was better. But recently she has again been affected by high blood pressure.

We took her to our community clinic. The doctor advised her to be in quite rest and under proper nursing and prescribed some medicine. We attended to her very carefully and in a few days, she got cured. Now, she is very weak. She needs proper rest and nutritious food. But don’t worry, father. My grandmother is also at our home as attendant for her.

The money you left for her treatment has already run out. Please send some money as early as possible.

With hope of your good health.

Affectionately yours

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