Letter to father about preparation for Final Examination

Write a letter to your father about the preparation for your Final Examination (shortened)


Suggested answer:

Rising Star Hostel,
Room no.-208(Second Floor),
22, East Rampura,
02 November, 2014

My dear Father,

I received your letter and money yesterday. I am happy to know that you are all well. In the letter, you wanted to know about my preparation for my upcoming Final Examination.

You will be glad to know that my preparation for the examination is better than before. You know that I am weak in English and Math. But now, I have overcome this problem because our school arranged special coaching for the two subjects. Moreover, I have already completed all the syllabus of every subject.

So, I can assure you that I’ll cut a better figure in this examination.

Don’t worry for me, father. I have no problem here living in the hostel. With regards to you and mother.

Yours affectionately

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