Letter to father about hostel life

Write a letter to your father about your hostel life


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Room no.-207,
House-7, Road-5,
Block- DHA, Sec-12,
Pallabi, Dhaka.
17 March, 2015

My dear Father,

Few weeks passed since I had come to the hostel from home. In your last letter, you wanted to know about my hostel life and how I feel here.

Father, first, hostel life is quite different from life at home. There is no scope of free movement and willful behavior in the hostel. Everything goes in discipline; everything is bound to strict principles. We get up from bed, study, take bath, go to school, take meal, say prayer, watch TV, read newspaper and play games- all by following scheduled time. But, above all, there is a close ties among the hostel mates. Hostel superintendent is always alert for our care and comfort. There is a natural touch in the total environment which becalms my mind. In case of ailment, one comes forward to help another.

So father, I’m not at all unhappy here. But, there is no match of love and affection of you and mother in this world.

Pray to God for my overall success. Please tell mother not to worry for me. May God grant you a long life.

Your loving son

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