Letter to elder brother about father’s illness

Write a letter to your elder brother about your father’s illness


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House No# 25, Road No# 01,
Block# C, Banasshree,
Rampura, Dhaka.
09 June, 2015

My dear Brother,

We got your letter about two weeks ago. In the meantime father had fallen ill. His chest ache increased all on a sudden. We took him to a nearby clinic. For the time being, he is safe.

The doctor said his heart is weak and situation worsened due to excessive tension and mental pressure. Now he needs full rest and proper care. We are always by his bed. Absolutely speaking, he requires complete retirement. In this age, Official work pressure may bring about danger for him. So, brother, I request you to take the responsibility of our business getting back from abroad.

We all are keeping hale and hearty. Wish you a happy and healthy life.

Your loving brother

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