Letter to editor focusing the problem of traffic jam

Write a letter to the editor of a daily newspaper focusing the problem of traffic jam in Dhaka city


Suggested answer:

15, North Shahjahanpur,
17 April, 2020
The Editor,
The New Nation
(For publication in the “Letter to the Editor” column of your esteemed daily).


Traffic jam in the roads and streets of Dhaka city has become a serious problem and a matter of headache to the city dwellers. In some areas, traffic jam is so acute that people have to wait inside the box-like vehicles hour after hour with painful worries and anxieties. Thus, thousands of work hours are being wasted unexpectedly. People going to offices and workplaces are losing their schedule frequently. It is known to all that the main reasons of this traffic jam are narrow roads and streets in proportion to ever-increasing vehicles, slow moving vehicles plying in the same road with fast moving ones, transports without having fitness. The solution to unspacious roads may be building up flyover at jam-prone points of the city. But the flyovers built so far by the government are very insufficient. Building up more and more flyovers can solve this problem to a great extent. Again, the problem of slow-motioned vehicles is hanging for years but no government in the past seemed to be so sincere to solve this issue. As a result, falling prey to traffic jam and losing time, energy and patience has become inevitable for the sufferers. In this regard I draw the attention of authorities concerned to take immediate action to minimize traffic jam to relieve sufferings of people.

Truly yours

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