Letter to editor about the problem of load-shedding

Write a letter to the editor of a daily newspaper drawing attention to the problem of frequent load-shedding


Suggested answer:

21, Malibag Chowdhury Para,
30 June, 2020
The Editor
The Daily Observer


I should be obliged if you kindly allow me a little space in “Letter to the Editor” column of your esteemed daily to bring out a public problem.

Yours faithfully

Frequent load-shedding in Dhaka

Frequent load-shedding in Dhaka city and the suburbs has paralyzed the regular flow of life. Indiscriminate power failure for hours together has become a common phenomenon nowadays in this area. There is no area in the city which is not affected by this painful load-shedding. Coming and going of electricity repeatedly within short time is agonizing life of common people. Houses, shops, offices, mills and factories all come to a standstill falling prey to load-shedding. Acute heat and darkness has made our life unbearable. Students and teachers are the worst sufferers. Most of the time studying and teaching are going on in dim candle light or charger light. Nowadays, due to long time power-cut, snatching and theft have increased in some areas. No one knows how long we will have to suffer for power failure. In this regard, we draw the attention of authority concerned to take immediate step to mitigate suffering of common people by minimizing load-shedding and improving power supply situation.

Malibag, Dhaka

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