Letter of sympathy to hospitalized friend

Suppose you are Fahim living at Dhaka. One of your friends named Nobel who lives in Sylhet is seriously attacked of typhoid and is hospitalized now. Now,

Write a letter of sympathy to the ailing friend who is hospitalized. (Shortened)


Suggested answer:

12/A, Luxmibazar,
05 May, 2016

Dear Nobel,

I’ve heard that you are seriously attacked of typhoid fever and are now hospitalized. I’m very sorry to hear of your illness.


Nobel, you’re seriously ill. I should have to go to visit you. But, you know my exam is going on. So, I’m sorry not to be by your bed. However, as far as I know typhoid is a kind of fever caused by bacteria spread from contaminated water. Body temperature rises upto 104°C. Probably you are now suffering from headache and pain in body. This situation may last maximum upto 3 to 4 weeks. So, don’t worry you’ll get recovered soon. For this you have to have patience. I pray to God for your early recovery. At the same time, I feel deep sympathy and compassion with you.


May God relieve your sufferings and bless you with quick recovery.

Lovingly yours

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