Letter of sympathy to ailing friend

Suppose you are Maheen. One of your friends who lives in Chittagong is seriously attacked of dengue fever and is hospitalized now. You, for an unavoidable cause, could not go to visit him. Now,

Write a letter of sympathy to the ailing friend in hospital


Suggested answer:

478, North Shahjahanpur
P.O: Shantinagar
P.S: Motijheel
21 June, 2015

Dear Arafat,

Letter about sympathy to ailing friend

I’ve heard from Sujit that you’re affected by dengue fever and hospitalized now. It is just three days ago that I got your letter. I couldn’t think you were in hospital while I was reading your letter. I’m also sorry with you for your sudden danger.

As far as I know, it is a virul fever that needs proper care side by side medical treatment to get recovered. Health disorders like nausea, vomiting, slight fever, pain in muscle and joint, headache may cause sufferings. However; if properly nursed, these will not last longer than 7 to 8 days. Don’t worry, Arafat. It is a common disease people get affected by nowadays. I hope you’ll come round soon. Rehydration is a common hazard in this disease. So drink sufficient water and liquid.

I wish I could be by your bed in these days. But you know my exam is near at hand. I feel deep sympathy and compassion with you. May God recover you shortly.

Hoping to hear from you of your recovery in the next week.

Lovingly yours

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