King Solomon and Queen of Sheba – Story

The Wisdom of Solomon /King Solomon and Queen of Sheba

Solomon, the king of the Jews, was famous all over the world, especially, for his wisdom. The Queen of Sheba heard much about worldwide reputation of his learning and wisdom. She became curious and decided to test the king. So she went to the court of King Solomon. She took with him two garlands—one of natural flower and the other of artificial. But both the garlands looked quite alike. The queen placed them to the king on a table and asked him to take the natural one.
For some time, Solomon got puzzled. It was not easy for anyone to identify the real garland. The king thought for a while. Just at that time, he saw some bees humming outside the window. He then opened the window. The bees came to the room and settled on the real flowers. Thus the puzzle of the queen was solved. The Queen of Sheba was greatly charmed at his wisdom.

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