King Midas and the Golden Touch- Story

The Golden Touch/King Midas and the Golden Touch/Gold is not all

Once there was a king called Midas. He was extremely fond of gold. Though he had a lot of gold, he wanted more and more of it. He thought if he had the golden touch, he would be the happiest man in the world. So he always prayed for this power.
However a wise God heard his prayer and granted his wish promptly. One day, he was sitting under an apple tree. Then an apple fell before him. As soon as he touched the apple, it turned into gold. King Midas got surprised. He had really got the golden touch. Now whatever he touched, it turned into gold. The joys of king Midas know no bound.
Just at that moment, his only daughter entered the garden. Stretching his hands, Midas took her daughter in his lap. To his utmost surprise, he found that his daughter had also turned into gold. Midas stood dumb. He could not believe his eyes. Grief and fear overcast him. But after a few moments, he got back to himself. He prayed to God to get back this destructive power. The God granted his prayer. And just after that the girl came back to life. King Midas became happy and repented for his ill wish. He could understand that there are more valuable things in this world other than gold.

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