Importance of Physical Exercise- Composition

Physical Exercise/Importance of Physical Exercise


Physical exercise means the systematic movement of various parts of the body to let the body grow up properly. Physical exercise keeps the body fit for work and makes us free from diseases.
There are many kinds of physical exercise. All types of exercise are not suitable for all. Some of them are suitable for the children, some for the old and weak and some for the strong bodied.

Swimming, walking , jogging, parading, jumping, running, playing etc. are various types of physical exercise. Walking and jogging are suitable for aged people while the others are suitable for teen-agers, players etc. according to their needs.

Nowadays, going to gymnasium for physical exercise has got popularity among the youths. Other than free hand exercise, they like to go to gymnasium for body building with the help of different kinds of fitness equipments.

Physical exercise can make a man physically fit for activities in life. It increases digest power and strengthens the limbs and muscles and helps proper circulation of blood. It is the best and simplest way of being active. An idle person who does not like exercise is an easy prey to diseases whereas a person who takes regular physical exercise can avoid the attack of any diseases. Physical exercise can ensure our sound mind. It also increases our life-power.

Physical exercise is the best means for the development of one’s health. Excessive physical exercise as well as physical exercise with empty stomach is injurious to health. So, everybody must take physical exercise regularly in a disciplined way.

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